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RubiMark is a marketing company that specializes in digital marketing for business’ and practices in the medical field.

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    With over 20 Years of combined marketing experience we are able to provide a quality service with real results that will help you with customer acquisition and retention. We are able to provide custom tailored solutions to generate an increased flow of patients and clients to your practice. We specialize in various digital services that will help grow your online presence, generate more traffic to your websites and help your business grow!

    Things that we can help you with:

    Winner Seo Master

    Growing an online presence

    Top Social Media Agencies

    Digital Marketing

    Fastest Growing Abstract Solution Providers

    Branding & Copywriting

    Award National

    Web development

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Increase Brand Awareness
    • Online Presence

    • We will create and manage consistent content across multiple search engines and other online platforms
    • We will manually delete all current existing duplicate and automatically created listings and posts that might be potentially harming your online presence
    • We will create real live listings across platforms such as google reviews, trust pilot, yelp, and other similar services that will help build a strong online presence which in turn will generate more relevant traffic to your doorstep
    • We will create custom and real marketing material which includes, custom business service descriptions, images of your business products and services, images of your current business operation, real interviews and blogs.
    • Digital Marketing

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), once we have established a strong online presence, its time to generate targeted patient traffic to your practice and business
    • We will create digital PR Campaigns by conducting interviews with your service providers to be later published on reputable news sites and blogs that would later create links directly to you, whether its in the form of a landing page or your website directly.
    Harness Your Social Proof
    In-House Sales Training
    • Branding & Copywriting

    • We can provide a complete branding or rebranding package in the form of a brand book: see example below… (INSERT IMAGES OF EXAMPLES)
    • We also can provide you with physical marketing material branded specifically to your company, for example, flyers, banners, on-screen promotional material to be played across any TV’s in Lobby or waiting rooms.
    • We are able to trademark, patent and copywrite anything from your business name, slogan, proprietary products and much more
    • Web Development

    • We can create or modify an existing website to an organized design that will help build the rank of the website to organically be ranked on Google and other search engine platforms
    • The website will be built to optimize SEO through to help you reach the 1st page
    • We will create a great user experience design, with swift load times, mobile integration through clean and proven layouts that can be customed tailored to your needs
    • We will provide full website security so you know that your data is always secure and your clients are sure that there personal information is always confidential
    We equip marketing leaders
    Sales Chart
    • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

    • We can build a custom CRM to help you track your patients & clients as well as there services and products
    • The CRM will help you track appointments and can fully integrate with your email platform to provide appointment notifications as well as give you the ability to send promotions and news automatically to your existing and potential client base